Saturday, June 28, 2014

Party, Setting Apart and Farewell!

One last family picture for two years!
Jake's friends from college, family and friends from high school
began arriving several days before his Sunday farewell.  It was fun to have everyone in the house.  Kenna flew in from Salt Lake and Jacob and Riley drove over from Logan.  Grandma Israelsen, Aunt Daryl, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Glenna drove over from Logan for the weekend.  Aunt Kris,
Uncle Bob, Michael, Katie, Ryan and Nathan drove from Draper for a quick trip to hear Jake speak in Sacrament meeting and see the family!  Grandpa and Grandma Olson drove over for the farewell on Sunday from Idaho.  We had a fun-filled weekend full of laughs, food and some sight seeing.  Thank you for all
coming and supporting Jake!  Jake spoke on Sunday and Rachel and Megan sang a beautiful song and even included some Swedish in it.  They can really harmonize together!  

Aunt Glenna, Aunt Daryl, Grandma Israelsen, Uncle Jeff

Jake, Riley and Jacob

Mom and Dad with Jake!

Nice One Rachel!

Tuesday night brought a blessing and setting apart with President Hickman.  Mom, Rachel and Elizabeth were already on a Colorado
President Hickman and Aeldste Israelsen
Youth Summit that they had been signed up for since last fall.  (we knew Murphy's Law would be at work and he would leave that week).  We finally decided that it was such a wonderful opportunity for Rachel and Elizabeth that we couldn't skip it.  It was a very bittersweet decision combined with many tears!  So, we got to hear his blessing over the phone from Mesa Verde.  

Denver Airport 4:00am!

Bright and early the next morning, Aeldste Israelsen got on a plane in Denver and flew to Salt Lake.  
Aunt Kris and the cousins picked him up from the airport, took him to Cheesecake Factory (his favorite) and then on to the MTC where they just let you drive up and jump out.  Mom got to talk to him from Mesa Verde but had to call back several times as the connection kept dropping.  He went right to work and is loving it already!  

Thank you everyone for helping him on his way!  

One last hike with Megan

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