Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 24 Transfers! I'm Training a New Elder, Staying on Visby, And The Sun Goes Down Around 3pm


This week we have our transfers so if everyone would begin the drumrolls individually............ I am staying here on the island!! But not with Elder Held so that was a big surprise to us. He is being moved to Gubbangen to be a ZL in Stockholm and I was asked to stay on the island with an elder that I dont know yet because he comes to Sweden tomorrow. They have asked me to train the next two transfers... Everyone pray for this new elder because he is going to need some help! haha. So that will be really interesting to see how it starts this week and how all of that goes. That means we have to travel into Stockholm tomorrow and I will be there until our boat ride back on thursday night. This poor guy is going to have so much jet lag and get on a long ferry ride out on the random Swedish island... How exciting!!

Anyways other than that we have been running around teaching and trying to get to everyone while at the same time trying to make sure everything is ready to get a new elder and everything is packed up for Elder Held which definitely still hasnt happened yet but that is the life of a missionary. Visit who

you can when they can and dont worry about the rest of it until the last second haha. We have had some really good progress in the area this week and I think we will continue to see that upswing in investigators and those who are progressing as that becomes our main focus again. Both Meizhen and Kerstin were confirmed into the Branch on Sunday and it was an amazing experience for everyone. We also have a family come back from vacation and 2 investigators there so we had about 23 people in Sacrament meeting which is a huge difference from the 8 that we had our first Sunday in the branch. That was such a good experience and they asked me to sing in the middle of the meeting last second so it was cool to be able to do that also.

The sun goes down way too fast around here the sun rises probably around 10 and sets around 3 so it isnt nearly as bad as Norrland and places super far north but I still dont like it so I am excited for the days to start getting longer again so I can stop taking my vitamin D pills ;) We had a couple of stories this week that really have just helped me to know that the work is definitely not mine and for that I am grateful. We were walking in through the wall and stopped this lady on the street like we had several others on the way. We had planned to be on this street the night before and had figured it out so we were just following through with the plan. She was really excited when we stopped her and said that she had just had a religion class in school that day and she probably wouldnt talk with us any other day or time but she wanted to that day. We were able to get her number and set something else up after talking for awhileand I hope that it goes somewhere. The other was with Kerstin who told us her story again and was super sad for Elder Held to leave. She told us that a bunch of things happened to her the summer before andd when we showed up to church and introduced ourselves she just felt something hit her really hard that she had known us her whole life. She just put everything together from that point and decided to be baptized. We didnt do anything special but for some reason or another it was a way for the spirit to witness to her that what she was investigating was true and that she should act on it. Those little miracles are the best and they definitely help me to know that the Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it and our job is just to go to work so that the Lord can have someting to work with.

I am really glad to hear that everything is going well back at home with everyone and I hope everyone has the best week!!!

jag älskar er! Har en jätte bra vecka hur ni!!

Äldste Israelsen

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