Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 73 Hallå!! Mission Leadership Council in Stockholm about Diligence and Faith


We have had a lot of things to do this week and it feels like it has been a day but that we stuffed all of that stuff into that day... its an interesting feeling haha. Elder Albertsen and I went to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) this week in Stockholm and that is about a 3 hour train ride from Göteborg and everyone meets in the mission home and we receive training from the president and sister Beckstrand and then the assistants that we then take and train our zones later on in the week so that took up a lot of the week but there was a fantastic training about diligence and faith. There is so much to think about with just these two Christlike attributes. It is something that we have to work on our entire lives. We will always be fighting to become more faithful and more diligent but the cool thing is that it is possible to change ourselves and to become more like Christ. Coolest thing ever.

We have been working with our investigators this week and have a few that are on their way to joining the church and some amazing stories that we have been able to witness. Azi is still doing so well and learning and growing in the gospel. It is so cool to see people be able to see more and more of how the gospel can be applied in their life and the questions of the soul that we answer and are answered out of the Book of Mormon. We also have a man that is named Sadek who has gone to church for the last year in southern Sweden because a family needed a ride to church and invited him to come with and he has gone since then. Such an amazing story of the examples of members and how they can be missionaries. Be the missionary that you expect the full time missionaries to be. Be ready to give your testimony not just on fast Sundays but make it so that you want to give it to people that you meet and opportunities that are presented to you. That is how missionary work goes forward.

We also had a few less actives that we were able to get in contact with this week that literally haven't come to church because they needed a little support and now they are coming back to church. Think about the people that you know that have gone less active in your ward and take them a plate of cookies and then sit down and eat them with that person... you will see the miracles that come from those super simple things. It is absolutely amazing what a little time can do for a person and we dont have excuses enough not to give 15 minutes of our time for another person during the week. You can change the course of someones life.... sooo cool.

We have had a really hectic and super fun week. We have found a few more new investigators and have some that are working on their way to baptism. I love this work and what it does to other people and the opportunities to see Gods work in other peoples lives. Thank you for everything and I hope that you ahve the best week ever!

Elder Israelsen

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