Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 80 Personal Revelation, Baptism, 3 More Transfers and Make It Count Until the End!

 I really like my Companion.  We are seeing a lot of success though and I am super excited about some of the investigators that we have been finding and teaching. Its interesting to double in to an area because you just kind of have to spin your wheels and start seeing where everything goes and it feels like we have gotten a few things going down here and even a few investigators that are coming to church and meeting with us regularly. We hope to have a couple baptisms here in January and the beginning of February. But we will also have to see what the Lord has in store for me for my last three transfers.

We have been thinking a lot about personal revelation this week and how we are all entitled to it even though sometimes as members or as missionaries we become a little complacent and just go off of what other people say. I have been studying knowledge a lot as my Christ like attribute for the next few weeks or so and what I have come to is that knowledge of the divine can only be given from the same source and can only be accepted through a spirit that is in line with the message that is being received. So a spirit of humility and maturity and with the intent to act on the answer that is given. We have focused with the zone on the communications of the Holy ghost and, as the prophet Joseph Smith said, there is no manifestation of the spirit without some sort of intelligence that is communicated. I have been trying to apply this in the missionary work and in working with the missionaries and I know that the principle of personal revelation and understanding the things of God is what will keep us on the right path regardless of what the people around us are doing. That is something that has been on my mind quite frequently and if we don't figure out how to apply this principle it makes it very hard to apply the gospel and continue to grow within it. It is this constant process that makes someone an experienced missionary or an experienced whatever it may be and so it was interesting that you said that mom that it would be the Lord using me and the things that I have learned thus far and I think that is definitely true and I will make it count to the end.
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Love to Everyone!
Aldste Israelsen

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