Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Made it to Sweden and Letter from President to My Parents



26 July, 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Israelsen,

We met your son, Elder Jacob Owen Israelsen, this past week as he arrived in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been a delight to become acquainted with him.

Upon arrival, he was taken into the city of Stockholm for immigration paperwork. He then went to the Church’s Young Single Adult Center, located in the heart of Stockholm, for a light lunch, training, and contacting in the streets of Stockholm with an experienced missionary.  After orientation at Täby Chapel on the Sweden Stockholm Mission policies and procedures, Sister Beckstrand and I invited him and his MTC group for a light dinner there at the chapel. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time in an interview with your son. We concluded the day’s activities with prayer and your son retired for the evening at the nearby Scandic Hotel.

The next morning, your son attended an early Swedish Breakfast Buffet at the Scandic Hotel.  He then departed the hotel for the nearby Täby Chapel where the Assistants, Sister Beckstrand and I provided training.  After a Testimony Meeting, a Swedish luncheon was served after which the new elders and their companions travelled to their assigned area in the Mission.

Elder Israelsen and Elder Mats Held will serve together in the Örebro I area of the Sweden Stockholm Mission. I would like you to know I have experienced some of my most tangible moments of revelation in the assigning of companionships.  I know your son and Elder Held will learn much from each other, and together they will be edified as they labour valiantly, with full purpose of heart and obedience, in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Attached is information on the mailing address for letters and packages. This information will help your packages arrive in a timely manner.  Please share this mailing address information with relatives and friends that may be writing or sending packages. Traditionally, Preparation Day is held on Monday in the Sweden Stockholm Mission. This is the day you can expect to receive an email from your son. We encourage you to also communicate weekly with your son as correspondence from home can be a great source of faith and support for this sacred work in which he is engaged.

I bear my witness that this is the work of our Savior Jesus Christ, and it is a sacred responsibility to wear his name above my heart. I am grateful for all you have done to prepare your son and for the sacrifices you have made and are making to support him as he continues in his labors. May our Heavenly Father’s most generous blessings be with you and yours.

With respect and kind regards,

James E. Beckstrand
James E. Beckstrand, President

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