Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stayed Up Until 11!, Sister Carrie Underwood, Slightly Larger Swedish Vocabulary and Called to Be Zone Leaders


So this week was pretty much just one big giant blur.  So I guess I'll start with Friday.  We had our 4th of July celebration which we celebrated with a devotional because what's more fun that that? haha.  The devotional was way cool though.  I think most of them are almost like rallies to help strengthen everyone because most people are having a discouraging time at the MTC with learning languages or being away from home etc.  But it was really cool, he talked to us about how we truly were going to where we needed to at this time because Heavenly Father is hastening the work.  After that, we got to watch 17 Miracles and I swear everyone in the gym was crying (except for me because I don't cry - don't worry) and then after the movie the conductor got up and said that we could go watch the fireworks and he thinks that (quote) Sister Carrie Underwood is done with her concert in Provo.  That was the weirdest use of the word Sister that I have ever heard.  We just chilled after that outside in the parking lot and watched the fireworks and celebrated a little.  We were up till about 11 so I mean it was pretty much awesome!

Teaching is becoming something I absolutely look forward to even though we have to do it in our own language.  I've decided that part of teaching by the spirit is really listening to what they way and then after they are done speaking to try and figure out what you need to say.  At first, we listened to the first part of what our undersokare would say and just jump right on top of it with the answer which may or may not have been what he was looking for.  Now when I just listen and try to feel just a little more I feel like our lessons go much better and we help him grow closer to Christ which is what teaching people is all about.

I have a slightly larger Swedish  vocabulary so that helps when trying to answer questions without large gestures or playing charades.  Fast Sunday was this week which in the MTC was one of the coolest things ever.  I got to study almost all day and we went to a campus wide meeting from 10 to 12.  The MTC President got up and said that the First Presidency change their policy about investigators and instead of find, teach, baptize.  It's now find, teach baptize, retain, reactivate.  So we have to teach all 5 lessons before and after they are baptized and we have to stay really close as missionaries for at least 4 months but recommended as a year.  They are really focused on retaining people that come into the church which is super cool because I think some new converts get a lot of support and others really don't so the missionaries now have a big role in that.  So that was an awesome meeting.

For the Sunday Night devotional, we had Joshua Wright come and play for us and he is a pianist that has played in Carnegie Hall and he was amazing.  He played a combination of spiritual and non spiritual music and it absolutely blew everyone away.  I am super glad I got that have that experience.  The spirit is always super strong with music.  I love when we have good musical numbers in the MTC, it really is powerful!

My Comp. and I were made the Zone Leaders on Sunday and hopefully we can make some sort of difference with that.  There isn't a whole lot to do as zone leaders in the MTC except to make sure that everyone is getting used to the mission lifestyle and having a good time.  Probably one of my favorite parts of the week was getting to see Elder Anderson and his wife speak on Tuesday.  He talked a lot about the Spirit and how it communicates with us.  I think one of the biggest things that I took out of that meeting was that the Spirit is absolutely real and that we need to trust that gift as we live worthy to retain it and I'm so happy for the opportunity to build upon my understanding of the gist of the Holy Ghost and follow it more and more.  As we do this, Heavenly Father will bless us with more revelation and we just keep becoming better sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

Ok, I leave in a week and a half and I'm pretty much super excited and super not ready at the same time haha.  It's going to be a blast and I'm way excited just to go and try and share the spirit that I have with others and even though I won't speak the language very well, as long as I am a representative of Jesus Christ, I'll be alright.

Aldste Israelsen

P Day Washing and Letter Writing in the MTC!

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