Monday, September 1, 2014

Transfers; But I'm Staying!, New Raincoat and Pants Because You Only Make That Mistake Once, Book of Mormon on the Ground and Miracles!


This week we have our first transfers.... drum roll..... I am staying here because I'm a greeny and haven't finished my training! YAY! Actually I would hate to move after just 6 weeks it seems like such a long time but it is barely enough time to get to know everyone in the area much less ave a really solid handle on what's going on, and then trying to figure out how you can help everyone I should probably just stay here for the whole 2 years haha. We have an Elder from our district leaving though so that will be a change and our zone is merging with two others so a lot will change but nothing that will affect me to much.

This week was centered mostly on the Musical that the ward put together because everyone was trying to get there friends there and we were trying to get investigators there. So then when we set up times for them to come to the musical they didn't want to meet with us very much because they just said that they would see us at the musical so it was hard to see a few of them this week. That's okej though because we had plenty of people that we needed to teach and it feels like sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. 

On Monday we went shopping and I had to get a raincoat and pants because you only make that mistake once.... and it'll rain quite a bit in Sweden apparently. That was way good and we were able to get everything else done. So, there are always miracles to see when you do the Lord's work and this week was no exception. On Wednesday we really needed to meet with an investigator who has a baptismal date this month but he called and canceled on Tuesday. We almost always meet him on his lunch break in the library so I felt that we should just go to the library at 12 and that we would be able to do something there. He was not there and he didn't pick up his phone so we decided there was another reason we were there. We went contacting and actually got rejected about 12 times in a row pretty hard which is kind of unusual. I was feeling pretty defeated so we decided to go pay the meter and then grab some food. We were on our way back getting some food when this girl stopped us. She just wanted to talk a little bit because she sold stuff on the street and wanted to see how nice people were to us. We asked her if she was religious and she said she'd thought a lot about it and the other day she found a Book of Mormon on the ground and thought how cool it was and was going to read it and now here we were like 2 days later! It was super cool to see and I hope we get to continue to help her. It was awesome to have that pick up after that kind of demoralizing experience. The spirit really does work through us and I know that's real. 

On Friday we go up to a city that has one of our members and he brings friends for us to teach and they are all immigrants. We taught 7 of his friends from different places in Africa and it seriously just felt like a sermon it was crazy. We taught 3 the first time and now it's 7 and we've placed like 8 or 9 books of mormon there and it's just spreading it is the coolest thing! I just hope that we can get them to church otherwise they can't be baptized even if they want to. 

Our baptism fell through because she didn't quite feel ready so I hope that we can try to help her feel ready again and have the self confidence to get baptized again. It's a hard step for people and most people have to really think and prepare because the lifestyle change is big but it is definitely worth it and I know that for a fact because I've seen it and I've lived it. Miracles are happening right now across the world and no one can stop God's work from going forward. I love you all and I love the emails thank you so much!!!

Äldste Israelsen

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