Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 14, Elder Bednar, Swampen, Dry Mormons - Just Add Water, 11 Friends Came to a Discussion and its already P-Day Again?

Hey Megan!  We are eating Belgium Chocolate on toast!

So apparently it's P-day again today even though it really feels like it was yesterday. I really don't know how time goes this fast but I guess it does I have almost been in Sweden for 2 months! It's such a cool experience though and we have new people that we meet and new miracles that we honestly see every day. 

Monday we went to see swampen which actually means "the mushroom" in Swedish but it's just a giant water tower that you can go to the top and see all of Örebro so that was really cool even though it rained all day. Besides that we just had family home evening with the YSA of the ward and we have some really cool YSA and a bunch preparing to serve missions so it's always fun to be around them. One, Kristian, just got his call to Sweden actually so we're really stoked about that and who knows I might have him as a companion really soon.

On Tuesday we went and tried to contact a lot of people and visit less actives because the ward has requested that Elder Held and I do a little bit more of that. We didn't actually get to visit any even though we felt prompted to go. However, in every single place we met someone that was crazy cool. One we met and she had met missionaries 10 years before and then another set while she was on vacation so she said that she wanted us to bring a Book of Mormon by so that she could know more about our religion. Another is a less active member that was randomly where we were at the right time and then said that she was looking to come back to church and she really missed it but she was scared because she thinks that she will be judged. So that's someone that we can definitely work with to help her come back into the ward and have those blessings. 

Later that day we also had a dinner appointment with a Swedish family and we just talked about spiritual things the entire time!! They are literally what you would call "dry Mormons" you just have to add water. We'll see what we can do to help them to know more about the church and come to the ward and bring that spirit that they are looking for into their lives. 

We had all of our baptismal dates deny us this week for different reasons so hopefully we can continue working with them and help them feel less stressed just about life in general. However, we got 2 new baptismal commitments this week and one is with a 95 year old!! She was ex communicated a long time ago and we just asked her what she thought about it and she said that she was probably still around and this healthy for that reason... So that was way cool. Another is a Swedish lady that has been coming to church for 4 years now and it was her husbands last wish for her to come to church. So she has been and we have been teaching her and finally got a baptismal commitment so hopefully both of those go through in the next 3 weeks or so!!

The last really cool thing that happened was this week we went to a city about an hour away that we visit once a week and hold "sermons." But it was Christmas for one of the African countries so most people couldn't meet with us. We only had one. But this guy is amazing and he accepted the invitation to baptism!! After that, we saw one person that we knew from before and asked him if we could teach him. So we did and then his friend showed up and we taught him. And then he went and got other friends and we taught them and it kept going and we taught like 11 different people and set up return dates with all of them!!! That was super cool and an experience I will not forget.

Heavy Contemplation...
We saw Elder Bednar this week and we got to have a big discussion with him and about half of the mission. I have to say that I know that he is an Apostle of the Lord and that we do have that organization and authority that Christ put on the Earth. I am excited to take what I learned from that and apply it to my life to become more like my Savior. I love you all and I know that the gospel is true and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. Both of them want what's best for us, and miracles from obedience and faithfulness happen every day. 

Jag Älskar er!!!

Äldste Israelsen

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