Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 34, Happy 20th Birthday to Me! New Senior Couple Are Pure AWESOME and Investigator's Daughter Knows She is Important to God

Alla Hör på mig!!!

 I am going to be turning 20 this week.... wait what? It is crazy how time is just flying by and what is happening. This week has been one crazy experience after another and we have had lots of people to teach and try to help come closer to their Heavenly Father. We have an investigator and her daughter that are very positive and have actually agreed to be baptized but we do not have a date for them this week. The coolest thing was having the daughter sit in on a lesson and just have the answers to everything and she told us that her biggest wish is to come closer to God because she knows that He exists and has knows for awhile. She is only 14 but knows so much about her relationship with God it is absolutely incredible to see! She is probably the investigator that knows the most and she is by far the youngest one we have. It has been incredible to watch her faith and know she knows where she stands. That was a cool lesson. We have another with Januari who talked about how he wants to be baptized but to make sure that it is the right thing to do for him and something that he is going to stick with and even share with people after he is baptized. He is a fantastic example to me about how we should act as members of the church and that he knows how to do that even without being a member yet. We have the other investigator Eva who has a baptismal date and is really progressing but was not able to come to church last sunday so we will be getting her there this sunday.

We had some amazing experiences with lessactives this week one with a family that needs a blessing for their granddaughter because she is going into surgery at about 18 months so if yuo could pray for her that would be amazing. It is cool to see people still ask and accept for things like that because they still know that the church is true and that priesthood authority is restored to help us. That will be really cool and will actually be happening tonight so we hope that all goes well with that.

We have had lots of people to teach and we actually had about 25 lessons last week and we are seeing the area just start to move which has been great because it took it awhile to get off of its feet. We just hope that we can keep it moving forward because the members need it to continue. But the Lords hand continues to be here! We had 3 investigators last week that we havent been able to get ahold of for one reason or another and we were able to see them this week as a direct result of us going to a lesson and canceling and them walking right outside the building! 3 times this week and I know that it wasnt just cooincindence that we had a lesson in that building and were canceled on that these people were able to talk to us and actually set up different appointments for them as well.

One of my favorite things that we did this week was play basketball with these kids in an organization that helps immigrants and swedes come together. They were awesome and we got to play and afterwards the leader of the organization asked if we would be ok with teaching english during the week to these kids and they were super excited and he asked if they wanted to come to the church so we will see how that goes as well. I am excited though because we have met so many people that had experiences a long time ago with mormon missionaries in their classrooms but not since then and then they are open to talk. I know that the Lord can use us in these capacities as we are able to just do what we can to help the people around us.

The pictures were from north of the island where we went on a little adventure with our new senior couple who are pure awesome.

ha en oerhörd vecka!!!!

Äldste Israelsen

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