Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 53, Officially Over One Year and Soooo Many Things Still to Learn!

Intervju with Inger


I am officially over my one year mark on a mission and it feels super weird. One of those feelings where you feel like you have been here for a day and an eternity at the same time. like I cant remember exactly what I did before my mission but I still feel like I have soooo many things to learn that there is no way that I have been here for a year. But life goes on and we will see what the next year has in store. I am pretty excited for that. Other than that this week has been pretty amazing we have gotten to see some amazing people and places and worked with different missionaries as well. We were on splits (working with the missionaries in our zone) for 3 days of the week which is super weird but common for us.

We went on splits first to Skellefteå and I had the opportunity to work with Äldste Featherstone!! He is in the same group as me and it was super good to work with my old Zone Leader in the MTC. We had to drive halfway and then take a bus to Skellefteå and we started talking to this lady at the bus stop and were able to teach her the whole hour and a half up to Skellefteå and she loved the message that we had!! The spirit was there on a bus in the middle of nowhere Sweden teaching this woderful lady and us more about the gospel. Super cool experience to just bear testimony like that on a buss and we got her number and set up another appointment to come and teach her and her husband. It was nice to be there and to have to walk to our appointments and just talk to as many people as we ran into which is sometimes hard in a car. But we were able to teach a member and his friend and people on the streets for the rest of the night. The next day was another day of teaching and contacting and then travelling back to Umeå.

On splits in Skellefteå with Äldste Featherstone
On Thursday we had an interview in Ö-Vik for a baptism with a lady that they taught for the first time while I was on splits there so it was cool to go back just a few short weeks later and interview her for baptism. She is going to be baptized in Umeå next Sunday and we are all super excited for that. When the elders taught her about the word of Wisdom and cofee and tea she just said, "ok so I should just throw them away then?" and apparently they said, "yeah, or give it to your neighbors." and then she told them that if she didnt want to break Gods commandments that she didnt want to be the cause to someone else breaking the commandments either haha. They kinda got told but her faith is amazing and she was ready for the message that we had when we knocked on her door:).

We had the pleasure of having a fireside from the mission president and his wife (because he is the president of the distrikt in Norrland...) and he gave a fireside on how we need to remember who we are and to have that become our motivations to share the gospel and to build our own testimonies because if we dont build our own then there is no point in sharing it with others. It was really powerful and really cool to hear their testimonies to the people of Norrland. We also had branch Konferens on Sunday that we got to hear from all of the leaders in the distrikt and their testimonies of how they want the distrikt turned into a stake. It is the missionary goal for Norrland over the next 5 years or so and they are really pushing for it. A lot of that responsibility falls to us to get the ward involved in the missionary work that we do but also the work that they should do individually as well. We had 5 or so investigators in church which was really awesome to see them come to something like a branch Konferens.

Cupcakes made for us in the relief society activity
We have had miracles in finding new people this week with investigators bringing family to lessons and with just tracting and finding. We have been in the right place at the right time a lot this week and I am so grateful that we can be those people that just tell other people about the good news of the gospel. It is something that has been so important for me in my life and the fact that I can just share it is pretty amazing for these 2 years. I am excited to see the miracles of the next year and what it has to offer. Transfer calls are this week as well, President said I will be staying here but getting a new companion so we will see if that is the truth at the end of this week.
Ni får ha det så bra så länge!!

Äldste Israelsson
1 and 2 On splits in Skellefteå with Äldste Featherstone
3.Intervju with Inger :)
4. Cupcakes made for us in the relief society activity :)

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