Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 51, Miracles in Norrland, Splits in O-vik and I love being in Umea!


This week has been a little bit of an adventure and I am actually sending this in Stockholm because we came down for Zone Conference so I don't have much time. I just feel like they cant get id of me from Stockholm so they keep sending me back :) I am loving it in Umeå! Everything is going forward, our relationships with the ward and with less actives and even finding new investigators! It has been moving forward and the Lord knows how to move it forward its just incredible to see. The whole zone is doing really well and coming forward with everything and we are going to see some incredible miracles here in Norrland.

The first thing that happened this week was an amazing missionary experience that we have had with a member. She talked about someone that she knew that was going to the United States and is from Finland and needed help on his English and we helped her to get in contact with him and we are now teaching him English in the chapel three times a week!! It is just amazing to see how missionary work can be done and he has a Book of Mormon and just by naturally being in the chapel has asked questions about the church and we have had the opportunity to teach him more about it. Just think about the things that the people around you need and address them with the gospel and as that happens people will come to know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His purposes for us.

Another amazing thing that happened was with one of our members. We were able to help him move and he expressed to us that he needed a little help with stress. We hadn't thought about that before but we were able to tell him what he needed to hear and to give him a blessing of comfort. The amazing thing was that the spirit was there and we were able to really tell him what he needed to have more peace in his life. The amazing thing that I have come to find is that the spirit is so real and the reason why we need to live our lives to have it is to help the people that need it right when they are in need of something. I know that it is real and that if we live in the right way that we can serve people with exactly what they need exactly when they need it.

I also had the opportunity to go on splits in Ö-vik this week and we taught a golden investigator by just knocking on her door. After that lesson we left and talked to another lady and she let us in and we taught the family all about the gospel and set up another time to come back!! That was super cool to see for Ö-vik and we are so stoked to see that area grow as well :)

Everything is going really well and I love being here in Umeå. I know that the gospel is true and that as we serve to our capability the Lord will magnify whatever we can give Him to what needs to happen.

ha en bra vecka!!

Äldste Israelsen

sorry to everyone that didnt get an email this week it was seriously super short this week.


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