Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 50 Roller Coaster Ride, 2nd Nephi, Splits on Bikes, Preach My Gospel and Utan hans hand är ännu utsträkt.

Biking with Elder Noso and I 

This week has been one roller coaster ride for us. It has been weird adjusting to life as a Zone Leader which honestly isnt super different but there are just certain things that we have to take care of that come up in the middle of the day randomly so its sometimes hard to just focus on missionary work in our area. It has been teaching me a lot about planning though and I definitely can use some help in that area!! we had zone training this week so that was really cool and all about keeping in contact with the people that we have and extending commitments to everyone that we teach and talk with. It says in Preach my Gospel that we should rarely talk to someone without extending a commitment and we have really been trying to extend commitments that people understand and know why we have the commitment so that they can make a clear choice of what they want to do. It has definitely been a learning experience for us and we are seeing the blessings that come from that.

A little veiw of Umeå.. took while riding a bike, no big deal
We also had splits with the assistants this week and I went with Elder Noso and we were on bikes the whole day which was so much fun because I have not been on bikes since Gotland and I actually miss them!! We just talked with literally everyone that we could and got into contact with some really solid TUs (tänkbara undersökare) so we will see what happens with them in the future. One of them we walked up and they were sitting on a table and both elder Noso and I enjoy awkward contacting situations so we just said hey and kind of sat down with them and they were super open. So we taught them the restoration lesson and gave them books of Mormon and invited them to read and to meet with us and they said that they would!! So the benefits of just going for it with contacting haha as long as we don't make it awkward it usually doesn't get awkward :). We came into our last scheduled lesson with a less active member and he needed help with cleaning and moving things so we spent basically the time cleaning and helping as much as we could and gave a short message at the end. But when everything was said and done we had 30 minutes to get home and it normally takes 45 or 50 on a bike so we sprinted home on these bikes that have 2 speeds and I am pretty sure my legs were just about ready to fall off when we peeled into the walkway back at home 9:30 on the dot :) That was a lot of fun and helped me to know the area better and to get some pointers as to how this area needs to improve and what I can do specifically to help it.

We also had the opportunity to have dinner this week with the Pettersen family. Sister Pettersen is the daughter to sister stålek on Gotland!! Sister Stålek talked a lot about her daughter in Umeå so its been cool to get to know them and come full circle in their stories.. it is a small world in Sweden. But I love also working with their kids and just helping them to have something to look forward to or someone to look up to (besides their parents obviously) But I think that is something that I didnt really have with the missionaries influence growing up too much so we try to help the kids feel the spirit and have a love for the gospel and for missionary work :)

Us with part of the zone after training :)
We had an exciting Sunday as well because we had some less actives at church and one of them brought his girlfriend who is not a member of the church so we will hopefully be seeing them soon. She really enjoyed church and everything looks really positive but she hasn't met with missionaries before so it will be exciting to be able to teach her. This area is a lot of fun and needs a little love on the investigator side of things but we will get that moving. We have really felt that it is time for something to get moving here in Umeå so I am definitely excited for the framtid of the area and what it holds.

I was reading in 2nd Nephi this week and in chapters 19 and 20 it has 4 different times, " utan hans hand är ännu utsträkt." which means basically but his hand is reached out still. This is Isaiah talking about Christ. No matter what kind of things we are doing or what we have done His hand is ALWAYS outstretched to meet us. I have seen that not only in my life but in the lives of people that we work with every day, that Christ is always there ready to catch us when we fall and ready with open arms for the exact moment that we decide to reach out and grab his hand. We see that in peoples lives daily and in our own and it is an amazing blessing. :) Love you all and I hope you have a great week.

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1. A little veiw of Umeå.. took while riding a bike, no big deal
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3. Biking with elder noso and I
4. Us with part of the zone after training :)

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