Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 47, Valborg Bonfires and the Power of Hi!

Valborg with a bunch of missionaries and sister Beckstrand!

This week has been pretty fantastic! We are seeing some amazing things happen in this area and in the district. We have been planning a talent show that the young women are hosting in the ward and have asked us to help them deliver things to less actives and get member support and be a part of the talent show that is coming in two weeks or something like that so I should probably find something to sing or a random cello to play we will see what happens. Its super cool to see though that this ward is coming together with the missionaries and with each other and trying to put together activities and things that can not only bring them closer together as a ward but provide opportunities to have their friends come as well. With that said, we have been trying to get people to bring their talents and have a little fun in this activity and we will see how it goes.

Smörgåstårta its a sandwhich cake :) super delicious
We are really trying to find a lot more in this area and get those people that are really ready for the gospel. So we have been talking to as many people as we can and going over what other missionaries have done in the area as well. its been super cool to see things come our way even when we least expect it. For example, I was on splits with Elder Taggart this week ( he is one of the proselyting office elders) and I just said hi to this lady on the street and we were headed home it was time to be back at the apartment so we didn't try to talk to her but she flipped around and asked me why I said hi. (People ask that a lot because no one said hi to each other in Sweden) So we explained that we just wanted to say hi and that we are Americans and a look of understanding just washed over her face.Its almost like one of those moments where your super sarcastic friend says "well that explains so much." haha but anyways we were able to talk to her and she is looking for God and wanted to know more about what we had. So we got a Book of Mormon for her and had a chapter that we gave her to read. I hope we see her again soon!! Its amazing what the Lord does when we are just there and willing, its never us.

Elder Lukes Birthday cake (courteousy of Maks)
In other news we had something called Valborg this week!! Its where all of the Swedes burn a huge bonfire and sing and just burn away winter and the darkness and whatever else. But they get really drunk also so we had the night off on Thursday and had a bunch of people get together in Västerhaninge right across from the temple to watch them burn the fire and sing songs. It was super cool to see everything and awesome just to wear jeans and a t shirt every once in awhile. There was another elder that brought a football as well and we started playing american football and I don't know how long it has been since I have done that. We got plenty of weird looks from people but don't care it was definitely worth it haha.

If you haven't looked so much into family history or church history I would say go do it. It is amazing to see the hängivenhet of the people that made what we have possible. I know that the Lord guides this work and it is HIS work and as long as we are all willing and looking for those opportunities He will use us in His hands and I have seen it too many times out here to think even for a second that its me that puts things together because it never is. Love you!!! Thanks for everything and I am excited for Mothers Day!!

super giant dog on splits with Elder Taggart

1. Valborg with a bunch of missionaries and sister Beckstrand!
Elder Lukes Birthday cake (courteousy of Maks)
3. Smörgåstårta its a sandwhich cake :) super delicious
super giant dog on splits with Elder Taggart

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