Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 45 Helped With Home Teaching, Young Women's and First Interview!

I think its week 45. Something like that anyways. I hope ths letter finds everyone doing super well if not make this week better!!

First, congrats to Justin he married my MTC companions sister so now elder Archibald and I are offiially some form of brother or half cousin or something like that haha. This week has been really interesting to say the least we had about 10 appointments just kind of not show up or cancel last minute so it took some patience to get through the week.

There were a few things that made the week really cool and one of them is how the ward is beginning to use and to trust the missionaries more. We have helped them go out more for home teaching and in ward council when they see that we are doing things that trust builds and they are willing to see everything as a big picture and how the missionaries can help rather than what missionaries have done in the past in this area. We talked with the young women's leader about using the young women to help a couple of families with daughter to come back to church and they are super willing so this week we should be trying o visit at least 2 maybe 3 families with the young women or at least the young women 's leader to help them have the connection to come back.

Another things was my first interview for a baptismal candidate!! He was super cool and passed with flyng colors. It was really interesting t be able to answer the questions that he did have about the organization of the church and the priesthood and everyhing... I don't know if we realize this but the church is not a simple thing to figure out!! But it was good to explain it to hi and  loved te experience.

The last was Vida came to church!! She is a less active that we have been workng with for awhile and she finally came to church!!!!! We were so happy for that and we gave the ward a little push and they just took her under their wing and it was amazing to see :) Her feeling towards it were amazing and she called us the "angels of the church" haha which was just incredible to hear since this week was so... I am just gonna stck with interesting thats a good word. But I know that God has a bigger plan for everything we do than we can even know and even when it looks like it doesnt make sense at the time we do it that it will turn out as long as we are doing what we know is right. I have a strong testimony of the power of the atonement and that it does change people. it helps us be better and helps us to change our nature same with everyone around us if they accept it as well.

God lives and he directs the work over the world and here in Sweden. I love being here and hearing from you!!! Have a fantastic week!!

Med kärlek

Äldste Israesen

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