Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 41, Super Old Ship and They Trust Me to Butcher a Sacrament Meeting Talk in Swedish!

Ward Council


This week will probably be sadly short but it was still a really good week!! I have had to learn some good time management skills here in Jakobsberg which I thought I was ok with but sometimes it takes 45 minutes for us to get from one place to another with trains and busses so I have had to figure that out and I should probably do that sooner rahter than later because we have a transfer call coming up this week already and I think my companion will probably be leaving.

Vasa Museum
The exciting things for this week was that Idowu, the man that was baptized in Örebro and came to Jakobsberg and now I am here with him again. He will be getting the Priesthood really soon and I am stoked about that he is an incredible guy and is going to do some incredible things. We also met with Johnson who we are having the Baptismal interview with tonight and his baptism should be this upcoming Sunday which is super cool and we are so excited that he is going to take that step, he is definitely ready for it.We got back in contact with our Polish investigators and hopefully they will also be baptized faily soon but we will see where they are after their trip to Poland.

I gave a talk as well in the ward this last week and that was exciting. They trust me enough to butcher a talk in Swedish!! Oh yeah! But it was a really good opportunity to be able to do that in the ward. I am not sure if they do that much back home but I think they should to give the members a chance to know a little more about the missionaries.

The thing that we have been working on a lot as a district this week is being able to pray in a better way. I think sometimes we take it for granted that we can communicate with our Heavenly Father and that it really should be a process. Make it work if it doesnt feel like work. Enos described it as a "wrestle" and I think that we should feel the same way as we really searh for the things that are important to us and recognize that God wants to help us with all of those things I think that is when our prayers become meaningful.

Sorry about the short email but I want you all to know that I know that the missionary work that is going on is true. It is a bunch of kids that dont know what they are doing delivering the most important message that has ever been given. And we do it. To me that is a huge sign that it is true that the Holy Ghost leads and guides us as we do it. I know that God is real. I know that he loves us and that this gospel will bring us closer to Him than anything else ever could :) I love you all och önskar er en oerhört vecka!!

Äldste Israelsen
We saw the Vasa museum! This super old ship that they pulled out of the ocean in tact!!! Super cool. And that is our ward council... plus a couple of people haha

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