Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 42, This Week Was Literally Dop...Mostly Because Dop in Swedish Means Baptism!

Nej men hej!

This week was literally dop... mostly because dop in Swedish means baptism!! Johnson was baptized and confirmed a member of the church yesterday and we are super excited about that. This week has just been crazy with preperations and making sure that his interview went well and that everythng was planned and in order for the ceremony on Sunday. Äldste Johnson had the opportunity to baptize him and most of the ward was there to see and to support him in his commitment. He is the most awkward hugger n the face of the planet... but the most humble and ncredible man I think I have ever met in my life. As these peple make these changes in their life it reminds me that we need to make sure that we have that indset all of the time. Just to remember hw amzing it was to make those covenants and to live true to them every day because we have been so blessed t have them and it changes our lives and the lives of the people around us. Such a cool experience.

Subway Decoration?
This week hasjust been one miracle after another and I think it is always that way we just have to be looking for them otherwise we might miss them. We had three iracles that I think would be cool t share and the first was with this TU (tänkbara Undersökare) Not sure how that translates but we went and knocked on her door and were able to teach the first lesson to her and the spirit was so strong and she told usall of these experiences she had with being sick and oming closer to God in so many different ways. We will be teaching her again this week and see how that goes it is super exciting to see her progress like that.

Another miracle this week was with an older member She really was not feeling well and we had the hance to give her a välsignelse with her home teacher and the spirit was really strong and it was cool to see the trust that the ward is gaining for the missionaries and ho the relationship is building It means a lot for us to give and recieve those blessings and I have a stronger testimony now than ever about Gods hand in our lives and how we can b a tool in the Lords hands especially in blessing the lives of the people around us.

The last one is a double. There was a man that we met this week that said he would definitely come to chuh and he did!! He came for sacrament meeting and the baptism which blew my mind. The ward was super god in helping him and making him feel welcome and at the end he said. "that was really good... so when can we meet?" We told him that we are boked for the next month at least... but for real that was awesome!!! It isnt so often that we have people asking us when we can meet with them its normally the other way around so we will see where that one goes. The next was after everything was done and cleaned Äldste Johnson and I left the building and it was raining and we decidd to try and contact a man that was walking anyways. We stopped him and said who we were and he pulls out this cross and says he was going to church (there is a catholic churh across the street so we thought he meant that church) but he said he didnt knw whih one to go to but that he just wanted to see and join a church.... so naturally we turned around and showed him the chapel! It was so cool we taught him for about an hour in the chapel and he said that he has just been looking for a church to join so we shall see with that one as well.

The whole point with the mracles this week is just that as long as we are doing our very best we wil see those little things that mae everything we do worth it. Whether that is a church calling, raising a family, or school, or even work as long as we do what we can and give the rest to the Lord everyhing will work out.

Sadly Äldste Johnson is leaving me and going to Linköping and I will be getting Äldste Luke who is in the same ground as Äldste Jones and Johnson so for now it will still be the blind leading the blind ;) I love you all and I hope you know how much I love the gospel and that I know it is true. Look for mirakler and search for answers especially during General Conference this next weekend. tills näste Vecka!!

Äldste Israelsen
1 Baptism!
2 Cool Stockholm picture
3 I dont know why this was in the subway.. decoration?

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