Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 43, Trains are Cool, Gift of Tongues, General Conference and Read Elder Holland's Talk - Wow!

Very Spicy Dinner!


Wow this week was one crazy ride. We did about a million and a half things so it felt like forever but also like it never happened if that makes any sense at all. We had transfers this week and so I got my new companion Elder Luke. He is a really good solid missionary and I am looking forward to working with him and also in the last letter I said he was in the same "ground" as elder Johnson and Jones but really its the same "group" as we say in English haha. I just kinda threw him in the deep end to begin with, we jumped on a train and I told him I would see him after his lesson on the train and then went to sit next to someone else... I know when that happened to me for the first time in Stockholm I didnt really know what to do but he went right over and started talking with someone on the train and eventually taught them as well! That is why the trains are cool but he really knows his stuff and I have been super impressed.  He is from Saint George Utah and good friends with Elder Jones too so Saint George just loves me I guess.

On Tuesday we were able to go out with the Greenies on their first day and contact people!! It was actually super cool to see them contact and just go for it with the Swedish that they knew. I remember just talking to people and not having a clue what they said or what to say back. But I was also really impressed with their Swedish. Honestly they sounded like people that we talk to that have been in Sweden for a couple of years and have been to school for Swedish. The Lord really does bless those people he sends to be able to accomplish the thing that He gave them to do. Super cool experience for me and for Äldste Johnson.

After Elder Luke came on Wednesday we went and met a new investigator named Robel. He is super cool and he even fed us. But he fed us some of the spicies food that I have ever had in my entire life... no joke we felt absolutely awful after haha I knew when I finished the plate that I had won the battle... but definitely not the war haha. We were a little sick the next couple of days after that but that is okay!! We are visiting him again this week so we will see where that goes. He also came to one session of general conference with us so we have really high hopes for him.

We had quite a few new names come across this week and were abelt o get three new investigators that we are really excited to meet with more! we will see this week where they go progression wise but they are incredibly solid when we taught them. We are definitely seeing a lot of blessings here in Stockholm and we will continue to see more for sure.

One thing that was really cool was on Saturday we traveled to Västerås to a baptism for an investigator that Äldste Luke taught and she wanted him to baptize her!! So we went out there so that he could do the baptism and then made our way back to the big city. It was really cool again to see a baptism and just how simple and powerful it is. The cool thing was to see Elder Luke actually utför the baptism and that God would trust us enough to do that sort of a thing is just incredible in my opinion. The spirit was really strong and no one walked away from that without a smile on their face. We had a member drive us to the train station and they told us that we would be late so if we were "rättfärdiga nog" then the train would come late. We laughed and then ran to the train and we would have missed it... but it was late!! Tydligen är vi rättfärdiga nog haha just kidding but it was a cool little miracle for us that day and we needed it.

General Conference was a fantastic experience and we were in the Gubbängen chapel for that. We had Robel come for a session and then Idowu as well and it was just a really good experience for them to see the apostles and prophets speak to us. They spoke a ton this time about families and marriage so to all of you YSA out there... you have to get married... now. (Just to clarify I am not a YSA I am a missionary... so that was not applying to me). But I do want to say that I am so grateful for the family that I have and was raised in. We see and talk to people everyday that their lives would have been so different if they had grown up with gospel principles. It really is easier to live with them and there is so much more love in the family when we have the simple truths like we can be together forever with our families. I am really grateful for conference and that I had the chance to watch it. I have been in the conference center I have felt the spirit that they have and I felt it again this last weekend. They are called of God and they really are prophets and apostles TODAY that if we listen to we can know how to guide and direct our lives for the future. I love this gospel and all of the small and simple truths we can find in it. I hope everyone has a fantastic week and look at the talk by Elder Holland on the Sunday morning session... wow.

Jag Älskar er!

Äldste Israelsen

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