Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vecka 44 Den här veckan gick otroligt bra! Jag kan inte ens beskriva exakt vad jag menar men jag ska försöka i alla fall


Den här veckan gick otroligt bra! Jag kan inte ens beskriva exakt vad jag menar men jag ska försöka i alla fall. This week was a lot of teaching and a lot f setting things up as well. We are still looking for those people that are just ready to aept the gospel but we do hae some that are progresing in the gospel as well. This week we got a new referral from the sisters in Täby and it is a spanish man that lives in our area that has apparently read most of the Book of Mormon and wants to meet the missionaries and figure out the church behind it so we are super stoked to teach him this week so I am going to learn a little spanish and see how it goes ;) Its been amazing to see just this area gro and be able ot find the people that are interested in learning more and then applying the gospel in their lives.

There was a chevy... thats all I have to say about that :)  
I dont think I told you last week but the other week the sisters had a lesson with a ouple of investiators and one of them is 12 and she is a fireball. he sisters called me during one of their lessons and I talked on the phone to this 12 ear old that was asking me questions that were really hard to answer but it was an inredible experience to hear what kinds of conerns she had with the gospel even thogh she is only 12 she understand so much and thinks about things so deeply and that just rang true to me that it doesnt matter how old you are we are all searhing for answers in one way or another and the Gospel has the answers we just need to be willing and humble enough to look and search and be willing to accept the answer that comes :)

This week we also met with an active member and his sons (one is a member and the other is 9 but wants to know more).It was so cool to start to teach them as a family. Apparently, the youngest has never taken interest in missionaries before so we are realy excited to be able to teach and talk with him. Also, they made this seriously amazing russian soup and that was really nice as well ;)

It has been one amazing experience working here and the ward is opening up so much to missionary work and trying to spread the gospel themselves and we, as missionaries, are super grateful for that!! We have a couple of people that are getting ready to recieve he priesthood soon and we are really excitd to see that hapen and see them become active members of the ward and ge allings and things like that. We also have a couple of baptismal dates in this district as well so I am really excited to be able to intervew them and to see them come into the church. Its really cool to see the work moving forward in all of the areas and not just this one in Jakobsberg.

We are really pushing to get the ward and the ward mission leader more nvolved in the work does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone been a Ward Mission Leader? Anyway I will update you with how all of that goes this week and we hope to see more success as the weeks go on. I know that the gospel is true and that it helps all of us. I dont care if ou are 95 or 9 i will help you through life and t have mre happiness. I know that we have a prophet on the Earth and his apostles. One thing that I took away from general conference was how important families are. If you havent read the general womens session I suggest you do that it is amazing and the difference in the family with and without the gospel is löjlig. I love you all!!!

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3. There was a chevy... thats all I have to say about that :)   

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