Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 46

Hej tjena!!

 This week has been one crazy awesome week of crazy awesomeness. That is probably how I would describe it in official terms. we have had so much to do this week and there just seems like not quite enough time to get it all done. There were a couple of miracles I will talk about and one is the power of the young women! We took them and the young womens president to a couple of less active families with young women aged daughters. It was super cool to see them just bring the spirit but in a different way to their life. I feel like sometimes we as missionaries bring the spirit in almost a disjointed way like it comes when we come and leave when we leave and they dont see the application. When we had them there we were able to have them see the results of having the gospel in their lives and that the people that we brought over could be their best friend in the future just that they are normal people with more light. Both of those young women were in church on Sunday. #powertotheyoungwomen. So dont forget how important you can be to someone else

around you or for the missionaries, offer to help them I promise they wont turn you down!! The next one was with a man we called this week and he wanted to meet with us. His name is Ramon and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and were able to teach him what we need to do. He said that he wants to change his life and that he wanted to be baptized so we have him for the end of May and we will see where that goes!! He was really humble and an amazing man. It is interesting to see how life can bring us low so that sometimes we can be stronger afterwards and have the desire to be better. We have seen that time and time again here in Sweden. On Sunday we had 5 in actives that we are working with and it felt really good to have them there finally and seeing that they could feel that
same thing that they felt when they were members of the ward years ago. The ward has really stepped up as well. I have to say that the best feeling is when the missionaries bring a less active to church and they dont have to worry about them because they have members that never let them be alone or feel like they aren't included. So if you see someone new take them and show them around and introduce them to new people the missionaries job is to get them there. the members need to help them stay :) Okay now for the funny story. This week there happens to be 2. One of them is a man that we have been working with that the other side has a baptismal date with. It turns out that he is a
professional beggar and wanted to just get money from the church... why s it so easy to fool the missionaries? Haha we were teaching him and then he just randomly started talking about his son and how he needed money to bring him to Sweden and had all of these papers from the immigration office that had nothing to do with each other and we just told him that the church can help him figure out his finances and that situation but that we don't just give out money like that to everyone and he didn't like that answer too much... good times. The other was at a less actives house. I love this woman she is so funny and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But I swear she made enough food to feed an army and she would not let us go until everything was finished. and then she brought out dessert... I had 5 pieces of cake before she let us go, 5!!! Thats a lot of food, we were definitely sick for the next 2 days running around Stockholm haha. But we really appreciated it and love the time we could spend with her. She also came to church this week so that was one of the highlights :) Ether 12:35-37 Just keep doing what is right and let the rest of it go. :)

 Love you all keep being amazing!
Äldste Israelsen

1.Just outside of our appartment. notice the green things otherwise known as leaves (they are mysterious and very rare in Sweden;))
2. Last P day over the waters of Stockholm
3. self explanitory
4. Went to the "nordiska museet" super cool and ginormous

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