Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 48 Leaving Jakobsberg and moving to Umea to Serve as Zone Leader

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I honestly have no idea what week it is but it has officially been 11 months that I have been out on my mission... I cannot believe time moves so fast. I have just felt like everything has been going faster and faster the longer I have been here. The first news is about the transfer..... I will be leaving Jakobsberg and moving to Umeå where I will serve as the Zone Leader in that area. It is going to be hard to leave Jakobsberg but I am sure there will be plenty of adventures there in Umeå as well. Its pretty far north so it will be a little colder than I have had it here but I will be going to the land of the midnight sun. Lets all just hope I get some sleep while I am up there.

Familjen Nilsson och jag Family I Skyped From!
We had a fantastic week with a lot of things to do and one of the first was go on splits with the assistants. I went to Täby with Äldste Sahlin who is one of the two Swedes in the mission so I was able to improve my swedish with him. We also managed to go to Texas Longhorn with a member in their ward which was pretty good and almost tasted American! haha. We had a really good day and he showed me a lot of things that I need to improve on as a missionary and one of them was in the car. We had planned on going to one side of the area but he saw a sign and thought that we needed to go there in stead and we went and ended up seeing a less active family that really needed a boost and were actually thinking about the missionaries all day. There son was even there and listened when we gave our message and none of the other missionaries have ever been able to see him because he just runs as soon as the mssionaries come. It taught me the importance of listening to the spirit all of the time and knowing what plans need to change and be willing to change them if it feels right.

Another miracel that we were a part of this week was at a members home. He is active but his sons are inactive and his wife is not a member or even really positive towards the church. It has been really hard on him lately and his wife came in after dinner and talked about how she had been sick for over a week and couldnt breathe out of her nose or do anything and it was getting really irritating. We asked if she would like a blessing and it kind of felt like the whole room just held their breath but she said she would love one. So we had the opportunity to give her a blessing and after that she could breath again and we got a report the following day that everything looks so much better than it has been for her. The power of the priesthood is REAL and it can help everyone and God knows exactly how it needs to and how He is going to do it. It was amazing to be a part of that.

We were also able to visit Max and Santa who had their baby a week ago!! They fed us too... theyre pretty amazing and their baby (Alex) is pretty much den sötaste saken som finns. Serious though. We also had stake conference and heard from Äldste Boom who is from the Netherlands and Megan knows who he is. But he spoke a lot on the importance of the sabbath day and that we cannot continue to just do what we want on Sundays but to reallly make it a day for the Lord and I felt like that was something that everyone needed to hear it was an amazing meeting but it also meant that I didnt have a last sacrament meeting to take a picture with everyone so I only got it with some. Sad but i will see them again.

This week has beengreat thank you so much for the prayers and the support we need it and we really appreciate it :) Ha en bra vecka!!!

Med Kärlek,

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