Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 61, Goodbye to Amazing Umeå, Hello Utby! Fantastic Pancakes, Bacon and Baptism!

 Goodbye to two of the best people I have ever met

This week has been one crazy week but it has been Gött!! It was rough at the beginning of the week to say goodbye to the people in Umeå but it went really well. We had a service project again with the Carlssons and we picked a bunch of weeds and I tried to explain the government system in America to brother Carlsson while we did that... I didnt realize how complicated it was until he started asking a bunch of questions and I wasnt sure how to answer them exactly haha. We got to say goodbye to the bussman family who are absolutely amazing and have been some of the best examples of how to live a Christ like life and to understand the gospel that I have ever seen. Also, they made us pancakes and bacon and that was fantastic!! Well that was the end of one chapter and i took an hour plane and a 3 hour train to the next chapter... Utby.

Goodbye to an amazing family in Umeå
By the way Utby is just the name of the little place that the chapel is in but it is just right outside of Gothenburg. Super cool place and some amazing people already. Elder Brown is my new companion and since they just moved the Zone leader area to Utby it will be something new for both of us. He is from Mesa Arizona and has been out on a mission for about 2 years now so I will be learning a lot of really good things from him he is a fantastic example of how a missionary should be. We did see some miracles here in the area this week. One of them was on our way to another area we just decided to knock on some doors around an investigator and this younger swedish girl opens the door and we were able to teach her on the doorstep about the restoration and she was super excited and asking questions and wanting to know more and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and got another appointment with her to come back with someone in the ward. It was super cool to see how she turned from like about to shut the door to interested in what we have to say and wanting to know more by the end. I know that the Spirit is real and will work if we open our mouths and give the situation the opportunity to have the spirit present because that is the only reason anyone would be interested in what we have to say anyway.

We also had a baptism on Saturday!! The other two elders in Utby were teaching a man named John that was just baptized. He is an incredible person and has a great conversion so we are very excited to see him progress and he was confirmed on Sunday. Which by the way this is the biggest ward I have been in for a long time! They have about 130 people that come every week and the youth and YSA are pretty big as well. I am super excited to work with them!! Its sad because for the last little while the missionaries havent been working with the ward so that definitely needs to change because they definitely want to and they have enough people!!

Sign in Utby "Playing retired people"
This week has been really good and I have learned a lot. In third Nephi 24:7 it says "return to me and I will return to you" Christ is always there and willing to come to us as long as we take that first step and come to him. For different people that means different things if youhavent prayed before that probably means that you should try to pray. But for the people that have lived and are living his gospel that might mean giving up something that you havent before or being more diligent in a certain thing. But I do know that as we try to take a step closer to Christ he will come closer to us as well so try that this week. Think of something that would bring you closer to Christ and then do it and I promise that you will see and feel the change.

I love this work and these people!! Thank you so much for all that you do :)

Ha en bra vecka!!

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1. Goodbye to two of the best people I have ever met
2. Sign in Utby "Playing retired people"
3. Goodby to an amazing family in Umeå

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