Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 62, 3 Hour Train Ride to Stockholm for Mission Leadership, Power of Preparing and Gospel Brings All Nations Closer


This week has been fantastic!! We have seen a lot of good things here in Utby and also in the rest of the zone and area in Gothenburg. On Tuesday we went on a 3 hour train to Stockholm to have our mission leadership council meeting which is always really good and really spiritual. I have thought a lot about why it has been such an uplifting experience for me and I think that the reason is because I go in with specific questions about the people in our zone and how they can be helped and then I am able to recieve specific answers because of the preperation. One thing that I have learned recently is the power of preparing and being ready even if we need to switch things up and it doesnt go the way that we planned. For example, whenever we plan to teach lessons I would say about half of the time the lesson plans are thrown out the window and we teach something else
. However, I can say that when I have prepared I have seen the opportunity to teach and say what they needed to hear or invited them to do the thing that they needed to do at that time. I think that is how it is with life as well, as long as we prepare with the spirit and are ready, if we have to improvise we wont be on our own.

This week has been really filled with finding people and helping them to take that step closer to their Heavenly Father. We have been finding a ton of success and being able to give out a bunch of copies of the book of mormo. What I have noticed is that when we have the courage to just open our mouths and talk with people that it is then that we see the miracles and we are able to strenghten our own testimonies and be able to help them as well. We had one lady that talked with us and she told us that she doesnt really talk about religion with people.... (neither does anyone) but that she had been having a lot of questions about what will happen because her dad passed away. I loved that moment because it is those kind of moments when the gospel becomes REAL and PERSONAL. It is no longer just talking but it becomes someone seeking and trying to find an answer. We were able to witness to her of the Plan of Salvation and that she can see her father again. It was anamazing experience just right there on the street and we should be meeting her this week as well.

We are working with some newly baptized people that are bringing in their friends to be taught which is really exciting to see and we are super pumped to be able to work with them so we will let you know how that goes. Also, we had zone training this week and it was all about the need to prepare ourselves to find in the prepared. If we arent prepared to open our mouths or to teach or to speak the language then we can definitely miss the people that are prepared to find the gospel so we had a training about that and what we can do in Göteborg and we are already seeing the results!! The next few weeks will be fun in this zone I can feel it.

I want you all to know that I love this work!! I know that it is the work of God and can bring "all nations" closer to a knowledge of their Heavenly Father and find that peace that everyone is trying to find in their life. Have a fantastic week!!! Love you all thank you so much for your support!!

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