Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 68 It has been amazing here in Zion! Mission Leadership Council, Potato Bar and We Can Always Be Better!

the district

Hope everyone has had a fantastic week!! It has been amazing here in Zion! This week we had an activity on Monday with the YSA in the city and let me tell you they are the best missionaries!! Having things to do and taking friends with you is all that you need to be an awesome missionary! But we had one of our investigators there whose name is Minraj. He is the one from Nepal and we have been teaching him for a week or so. But on Monday he committed to working towards the 31st of October to be baptized so we are super excited for him!! He is a really good guy with a lot of desire and he wants to change his life and part of that change starts in the YSA Center.

On Tuesday we had a 3 hour train to Stockholm for Mission Leadership Council or (the Jedi Council) for short ;) But they instructed us all on working with members and working with the Ward mission leader. It is so key to work with the ward not only for finding but in teaching and in having people come to church. If the ward isnt involved then nothing happens. So for all of you mission leaders, Be creative and excited!! The ward is affected so much by what you do and so is the missionary work in the ward just by one person. It really is an amazing thing. But it is always good to be with President Beckstrand and Syster Beckstrand. They are so good. And we had a potatoe bar and I literally havent had one of those in probably close to 2 years so needless to say I was pretty excited.

ice cream boats?
We spent a bit of time preparing for the training that we were going to have on Friday. But on Wednesday and Thursday we had quite a few people that needed to be taught as well so time was a very precious resourse this week!! So Emmanuel, one of our investigators, was told by someone to just go to the Swedish church and to stop meeting us so he did that... but we had ordered a triple combination for him earlier so when that came we were able to get in touch with him and give it to him and talk for a little bit. He said that he would read it but nothin else came out of that conversation. He read in the Doctrine and Covenants and said that he knows that its true and that it is our church that he wants to be in! So it has been a little up and down with that situation but hopefully he will be baptized in the next couple of weeks so we will see about that.

On Friday we had a training that went really well. We trained on a lot of things that we had seen happening in Göteborg that were good and  a lot of things that needed improvement. Like everything we can always improve even if they are doing a fantastic job in these areas. It is really cool to be able to see the growth in areas and in individual areas here in Utby. The biggest blessing of being a missionary is being able to see the miracles that come every day and the growth that you see in yourself and in the ward and in the people you serve. Its always a good feeling.

västra frölunda indians
On Sunday we had 3 people in church that we have been teaching or that we have met recently on the street. So cool to see them come. It was also the Primary Program which is always the best Sunday ever!! They were super good and It was fun to hear all of those songs in Swedish that I have sung in English my whole life... sometimes they dont translate so well but thats ok still super söt. We had a girl named Mai that was baptized this week in the other ward but wehave been able to see her throughout the whole process with the YSA and at the center. She has such an amazing story and it just goes to show how much power and influence the YSA people have on their friends and others that come into the church. Such a good week!! I hope that everyone is safe and is having a good time!! We are super excited for General Konferens and I cant wait to be able to hear from the prophet and the apostels and it is such a good opportunity to invite people to watch and to come and see. So for everyone that hasnt seen it, you should it will be an amazing experience.

love you!!

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1 ice cream boats?
2 västra frölunda indians
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