Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 69 Getting Cold and Dark in Sweden, Books of Mormon, Contacting with Luggage and Seize the Day!

Alingsås lights!!

Such a crazy/good week this week we had so much going on it was fantastic!! I swear every time I get down to write an email about the  week I think that the things we did at the beginning of the week were about a month ago but that I just wrote a letter yesterday about the last week.... weirdest feeling ever but that is ok. It is now officially getting cold and dark here in Sweden, the sun rises about the time that we start doing personal study which I think its harder to wake up when its  dark outside but Im ready for this winter. Bring it on :) Where should I start? We have been meeting with Minraj about every day and teaching him little by little the Plan of Salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ and he just loves it. We were at the YSA center with him at an activity and a lesson and he just chimed in with this amazing answer about the Plan of Salvation and how it is the plan for everyone and even though it isnt always easy its always worth it. That was amazing to hear!! Its cool that the things he is learning are starting to become a part of his own personal testimony. He might not be able to see how far he has come yet but he will be soon and we are excited for his baptism coming up in a couple of weeks keep us in your prayers!

Jimone and Joyce!
We also met with Elaheh who is a new member in the church and she speaks mostly persian and some english but the lesson that we had was so cool. She had a couple of friends there, her friend and her friends husband and we were able to teach them for the first time. We had a translator on the phone who was just another friend of Elahehs because our translator couldnt do it last second. This guy on the phone said that he was atheist but he sould lvoe to translate for us...(most promising thing said ever ;)) But we taught the restoration and the Book of Mormon to them and they said that they felt so good about it and the peace and comfort that was there was pretty amazing. The man on the phone asked us after if there were any church buildings in his area because he wanted to know more so we got him in contact with the missionaries there in his city and the address to the church. You never know what is going to happen :)

I was also priveledged to go on splits in Alingsås with Äldste Roosendaal who is our district leader. He is doing great and we were just able to go hard with contacting people and teaching and finding new investigators for that area I loved it! Alingsås is beautiful and the people there are ready and willing to hear the message. We gave out like 5 Books or Mormon that day and got some new people for the elders to work with. One miracle was swinging by one of there old investigators and when we knocked on the door another guy living with him answered the door and the old investigator wasnt home but he wanted to hear our message so he let us in and we were able to teach him for the first time! That is always the best feeling to teach someone who is eager to listen and wants to know. I hope that they continue to work with him.

The miracle to end splits was that we were on our way to the YSA center in the middle of Göteborg (not my area) and im just carrying my suitcase with all my stuff and we stop this couple right outside and talk with them a little on the street. Turns out that they have heard about the mormons and always wanted to know more about them. We were able to just tell them right there on the street the message of the restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon and they wanted to know more and he lives in our area! Just on a visit in the middle of Göteborg so we got a new investigator there also contacting with luggage!!

The coolest part of the week had to be church. We had 5 investigators in church and all of them were friends of new members! They are the best at sharing the gospel with other people and getting them to come to church. It was super cool and we taught three of them right after with the help of the friend who translated a bit of it to persian and invited them to learn more and we should be teaching them tonight!! So excited about that. The work is going well here in Göteborg and I am loving it!!

Last thought, sorry this is so long but we have been reading a talk all week this week as a zone called "Today" from April 2008. this talk has made me think about a lot of things but I will just share a quote,
 I was profoundly grateful for the Redeemer of Easter morning, who grants us life, whose descent below all things makes possible our rising above all things—Tomorrow, if we but seize Today.
I know that is true and that if we take advantage of the atonement today then we dont have to be worried about tomorrow because we will be the people that we need to be for the challenges ahead :)

Love you all!! Ha en fantastisk bra vecka!!
Äldste Israelsen

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