Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crazy Week 37, Greeny, Slussen, Train Contacting, Jakobsberg which means Jacobs Mountain and Russian Member Says to Read Genesis 32:28

Selfie with the New Comp
This last week was absolutely crazy I don't even really know how to describe it I kinda feel like I just got into a completely different mission and I don't really know anything anymore haha. I got here on Wednesday morning and met up with Elder Nelson (who is in my group) and Elder Johnson (my new companion) Elder Johnson is an amazing Elder. He is in the same group as Jones so I am his second companion which is normally called the "greeny breaker" but since a greeny breaker can't be a greeny he is also greeny breaking me... weird situations. Haha anyways we live in Slussen which is right in the middle of Stockholm but our area is on the other side of Jakobsberg so it takes a little while to get there every day which means we do quite a lot of train contacting. Its harder than you would think because Swedes don't talk to each other on the trains its in the Swede handbook of things you CANNOT do so we have to be more creative than "hi" usually. It is also super cool and where the first miracle of the week comes in. I was on a train and sat across from this lady and we just started talking (she was from Chile) and we were talking about her day and then the subject went to prayer and I asked her if she ever felt like God answered her prayers and she said right before I sat down she prayed for something so that her day could just get better because something at work was just really bad. So in that way she said that her prayers were answered that we could talk on her way home. That was a super cool experience for me just because I know that we can be instruments in Gods hands if we just try to do our very best and when we do that we will be able to see these little miracles as they come.

Jakobsberg (which actually means Jacobs mountain) Is a really good ward. They have about 60 people that come every week and right around 400 inactive members... we have quite a bit of work to do. I think we have to work on the wards trust with the missionaries because they have had some less motivated missionaries here kan man säga. So if there are any ideas I would love that!! It is going to be a very different experience here and I will grow in a lot of ways that I don't even know yet but I am really grateful for the experiences I had on Gotland and all that they have done for me to get to this point.

We had distrikt meeting for the first time on Thursday and I have the office and the APs in my distrikt meeting so it was really interesting but it went super well and I am glad to be here in Stockholm. Right now we have 3 people that have baptismal dates and we are working with them still to set new goals. We have one right now for the 22nd of March and another who we need to re set up a date for to make sure that they have been taught everything first. Send some prayers their way they are going to need it with the Word of Wisdom especially. But it is incredible to see how the Lord works because we met with 2 of them ( a polish couple) and the wife said that she threw out her cigarettes and gave them up for good and he said that he would do the same thing tomorrow. It is never an easy thing to do that but the gospel brings a motivation and a light into their lives that they werent sure exited even and they will need the support but we are so excited for their decision and ts cool to see that transformation. Thats another miracle.

Last miracle of the week was with an inactive member of the church we were able to visit. She is an older lady and really still does love the church but something happened a long time ago and the situation wasn't handled right. But she is willing to work with us and wants to come back. But we were able to give her a blessing... and that blessing was really strong and you could feel the spirit super strong. I know that Heavenly Father cares enough to send me and my companion into her life and we are able to say what she needs to hear in our "probably interesting" Swedish. I know that it is always worth it to follow what we feel we need to do and I love seeing those miracles our here and I am definitely excited to see more :)

Ha det så bra!!!

Äldste Israelsen

p.s. A russian member showed me this scripture Genesis 32:28 (its a good one)

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