Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 38, Sons of Jakobsberg, New Companion from Utah is Super Driven and Splits in Gubbängen with Äldste Held

The "sons" of Jakobsberg are still goin strong. (we have erickson, nelson, johnson, and then israelSEN but its ok because my name is Jacob so I can be included in the name:))

I have to say that I cannot believe that another week has just flown by I think they are just getting faster and faster its erally not fair... time needs to slow down just a little bit. The week started off with mission leadership training which I was asked to give a little presentation just an example district meeting but it had all of the zone leaders and district leaders and assistants and STLs and then the president and his wife.... så I was pretty nervous but I think it turned out ok. I am beginning to find my way around and figure out this city. Stockholm is huge and our area is bigger. By train and then bus it would take us probably around 2 and a half hours to get from our appartment to the edge of our area which makes it hard to focus but as long as there are people to teach we will figure out a way to get there to teach them.

Our investigators are doing really well. Everyone is still on track for amking their baptismal date however we did not see them in church because they had to work... its really hard to get a solid job as an immigrant in Sweden and so they have "project jobs" where they have to work through a project and then maybe have a break before the next project starts so its rough to find that schedule. We had good lessons with the three of them and they have some of the strongest faith that I have seen and it really strengthens my faith when I see people living purely by faith its really inspiring actually.

For those that have asked we do a fair balance of less active work and finding and investigator work. Both are super important for the ward but also for those less actives. Most of the time they really miss the blessings of the gospel that they had in their ives before and they really just left the church for a person and so they want to see those things back in their life and we can help them to get there :) We met with one who has a family not in the church and wasnt baptized too long ago. He was really cool and wanted to let his family know about the Book of Mormon and the church so we need to find it in Hindi... or punjabi... haha we will see maybe ill just use google translate and write it on my own ;)

My comp is really cool hes from Utah and just graduated from high school last year. Hes just really excited about sharing the gospel and super driven to get this area going which is super cool to see. We work really well together and I am excited for this transfer.

Ok, WEEKLY MIRACLE: This man names Xing we met for the second time now and he really likes us. He told me after our lesson about the plan of Salvation that the night that he met us for the first time he had been thinking about his purpose in life and he really believed that he would have "någon slags uppenbarelse" that day and we met him outside of his gym. We will continue to meet with him but that was really cool to hear that God watches out for all of us not only with what we NEED but what we WANT and what we want to understand. Never forget that.

Oh Also I went on splits in Gubbängen with Äldste Held! It was super cool to be back with him and work together again... like old times haha. Love you all! Know that I know the Savior lives and helps us through every problem we turn to him with I love this mission and I love the church and the people in it. Never forget to share the light you have

"Our simple desire is to share with you the truths that are of greatest worth to us."

-Elder Bednar

Med Kärek,
Äldste Israelsen

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